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Proven track record with 5000+ videos made for startups to Fortune 500’s

When you work with us, you’ll get to see the talent and creativity our team of experts possess. They know exactly what to do to turn your animation idea into a highly engaging, attention-grabbing, visually captivating animation that captures your audience. Through endless years of experience, you can have peace of mind when you choose us – not only are we understanding and professional, we’re also the best in the business. Only using the most up-to-date, cutting edge techniques, your animations will be contemporary, trendy and in line with whatever style you desire.

  • Years of Happy Clients

    We don’t stop until our clients happy. If this means working tirelessly on a project until we see the smile on our clients’ faces, then we keep going until this happens. Animation Iconix provides you with a service commitment to keep you 100% satisfied – we want you to feel like you can trust us with all your animation ideas.

  • Talent in Our Veins

    Talking about our success is useless if we can’t show it, so we encourage you to look at our portfolio and witness all the amazing work we’ve completed over the years. After watching our animation videos, it’ll become clear that talent runs through our veins, and that we have the undeniable ability to create entertaining and effective videos for any kind of audience.

  • Creating Big Moments

    When you see our video animations, you won’t just be simply watching the animation – you will be thoroughly impressed, from start to finish, and feel confident that our videos can open you up to untapped markets. That’s because we create big moments. We want the audience to say ‘wow’.

  • Full of Ideas

    Our bright ideas often come from long, brainstorming sessions, when we have a deep thought about how to bring out the best in your video animation idea. We deliberate very carefully on the type of video, techniques and messaging we can seek to implement to make sure you’re happy with the animated video that we provide you.

  • Fit for Every Need

    At Animation Iconix, we’re not just good at one thing – we’re good at all of them. We’ve been privileged enough to have worked on every type of project. This means we’ve produced video animations for digital marketing companies, educational institutions, start-ups, and large enterprises.

  • A Transparent Process

    We want you to be able to see our process for yourselves. We’re a video animation agency that prides itself on honesty and transparency. That’s why we let you oversee the process from start to finish, from initial conception right down to final delivery and payment.

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