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10 Highly Recommended Animated Explainer Videos

Isn’t ranking the best 10 animated explainer videos of all time a touch subjective?

Both startups and established enterprises are seeking to make a name for themselves in our burgeoning capitalistic climate. Furthermore, you never know who could believe in your product enough to make an animated explainer video that adds more value than you expect.

Furthermore, a quick and amusing explainer video might often be all a firm need to educate potential consumers about the product, what problem it solves, and how it does it.

What Does It Mean To Make An Explainer Video?

According to a HubSpot survey, animated videos are the most popular content on the internet. Furthermore, customers value content that is both informative and entertaining. This exemplifies the value of explanatory videos in engaging your target audience.

I, Nathan Enoch Burridge, a digital marketing research writer, have put up a list of the top 10 animated explainer video examples in this post to help you get started. Furthermore, the top is based primarily on participation and the quality of video creation.

What are the overall benefits and advantages of using explainer videos?

Conversion Rates Increasing

Here’s The Thing: the fundamental goal of most businesses is to convert visitors into customers. After seeing a demonstration video, people are more likely to buy a product. Furthermore, the likelihood proportion of clients is as high as 73 percent.

Boost Your Google PageRank

Google’s algorithm prioritizes video content over all other sorts of online content. According to data, video content ranks 53 percent higher in search engine results than text.

ADs Can Be Cut To Save Money

Users seldom stay on your website after clicking on your AD. Furthermore, this leads to a higher bounce rate, meaning that you’re squandering money on non-converting advertising. The interactive feature of the explainer video gives your firm access to a variety of online locations. As a consequence, the bounce rate of your website is lowered.

Creating A Brand

Animated explainer videos may help you develop your brand in no time. How? Create a video marketing campaign that piques the attention of your target audience and video content that distinguishes you from the competition.

Pitch Perfection

An explainer video’s computability is undoubtedly its most essential attribute. You may post it on your website, share it on social media, use it in an email marketing campaign, or present it.

Boost Your Return On Investment (ROI)

It’s significantly more challenging to find reliable statistical data on popular Ad campaigns than to track figures for your customized video content. At this point, it’s clear that, despite the low cost, your return on investment is only modestly positive. You could be tempted to employ one of those do-it-yourself animation film companies; they’re beneficial in some situations but not in others. If you need a professional-looking sales film with a high return on investment, choose the finest animated explainer video production company. Only when assured of their talent invest in their creativity.

The Top 10 Best Explainer Videos of All Time

According to us, here are the top 10 animated explainer videos of all time. The goal is to inspire you to make your own company introduction film.

Texas Telehealth’s Anime

Texas Telehealth, a Remote Patient Care and Online Telehealth Service Provider, is demonstrated in this 60-second animated explainer video. Animation Iconix, developed the cartoon animation, including warm, brilliant colors that immediately catch your attention. The secret ingredient here, though, is its simplicity and clarity, which gives the campaign’s message greater creative depth.

Prescribe Wellness

This video is the most accurate example of how the communicating tone is more important than the images. The aesthetics are excellent, but the 30-second film rapidly engages viewers in a conversation about the service without leaving anything out.


Generation Z prefers material that saves time while still piquing their attention. Slack‘s film wonderfully highlights these ideas by displaying how an ordinary citizen’s hurried existence leads to a range of difficulties. The video’s simplicity is stunning. In addition, the video’s setting is easily recognizable. There is no spoken narrative or words in the 53-second clip, which offers colorful, imaginative pictures. It even incorporates a few call-to-actions.


The soundtrack in Airbnb‘s typographic animated video makes you want to keep watching it. Additionally, this is an excellent approach to engaging with your audience, who may often feel obliged to watch the video. The video has a tremendous motivating tone to it that aids in understanding how it works and what value it provides.


The Groupon video is almost two minutes long, but the snappy animation and high contrast count every second. Its authoritative and capable narration of the service tasks is convincingly similar to Matthew McConaughey’s high-pitched voice.


This B2B explainer video for ZenCash’s is still considered as one of the best-animated explainer videos available online. It has received thousands of views and has given the company tremendous results.


When it comes to 2D animation videos, Nest Video has taken them to a whole new height. It makes home automation seem like a walk in the park to the viewers. The soothing music and pleasant female narration, on the other hand, also add value to how to use smart home devices.

Crazy Egg

Here’s a video from CrazyEgg that explains everything. Their approach to describing the video using heat and scroll map tools is fantastic since it helps viewers understand how the service might work in practice. The video demonstrates how to utilize the service to increase conversions and leads clients through several different windows. It also grabbed the attention of entrepreneurs and businesses. In addition, the animation video has subtle CTAs that emerge throughout the video.


Mint is a personal finance app that aids its users in managing their finances. Despite being only one minute and thirty-one seconds long, the clip manages to pack a lot of information. Because of its scrolling style, customers interested in Mint’s features will find the video appealing. Furthermore, the professional narrative complements the animation beautifully. The movie persuades viewers that the application is valuable and easy to use.


A helpful film conveys information to your target audience and establishes a connection with them. They will be more informative and distinctive as a result of their connection. In addition, HubSpot’s explainer video guarantees that the audience is aware of the new marketing job roles. The video starts with a comment about the previous marketing business model before going on to the specific issues that prompted the digital marketing revolution.


The animated explainer video featured above are appropriate for a variety of businesses. Furthermore, advertisers are allowed to use the visual medium to experiment and take risks. Video production companies help to create videos that captivate your audience and provide a compelling message. And to avail the very best from the industry who have hands-on experience in offering video production services, you should get in touch with us at Animation Iconix.

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