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25 Important Explainer Video Samples That You Should View

If you are in search for explainer video samples that will highly entice your company, service, or brand? Well, in such a case, I can gladly state that you have landed at the most suitable place!

In order to best assist you, we have gathered around 25 of the very best explainer video samples that consist of various styles and will surely contribute in inspiring your creation as well.

Now, Are You Wondering What an Explainer Video Is?

In the video marketing world, video options quite vary! Since explainer videos are found to be exceptionally common, making place right after the use of advertising and promotional videos.

Short brief videos that present something regarding your company are explainer videos. Now, these videos can be about small aspects of your business or entirely as a whole about the company. They are great at explaining a brands’ service line or timeline.

In explainer videos also, you will find variant styles. The trending style is to apply illustrated humans with fund color combos and animation to visualize the story. Just a few years back, the most applied style was animated whiteboard explainer videos. And the present trend that is highly coming to light is the mix of motion graphics along with live-action.

On the other hand, motion graphics is an animation style that is timeless. In comparison, the only things that may alter in the design style and color scheming. This is done since, in many cases today; brands apply innovative and unusual approaches in their explainer videos.

Well, now it’s time to look out at 25 of the most important and amazing explainer videos that have been parted into sections for a better understanding.

Motion Graphics/ 2D Animation Explainer Videos  

Common explainer videos used are illustrations, cartoons, or whiteboard drawings that also in two-dimensional styles. Earlier a few years back, whiteboard explainer videos indeed were a huge thing back then; following it, cartoon characters were found of greater interest, and now color illustrations of humans are much in demand.

Well, applause to   the few designers and animators who actually know how to effectively break the conventional circle and create purely innovative and amazing explainer videos for clients. And we have put together a list of them so that you can gain inspiration from them.

1. Crazy Egg  

The amazing aspect of this Crazy Egg explainer video is that it is created with a single character interacting with diverse section visualizations that complement the voiceover. And as a result, the video is not found with much movement; instead, it consists of just enough to grasp the viewers’ attention.


The added intriguing aspects of this video are that it has a humorous tone and a vintage appeal in its style.  

2.   L’Blend

This explainer video has a simple working space with minimal frills in its illustration. Allowing the animation to visualize all the other facets of a co-working space in a fun and attention-grabbing animations.

3. Mobile Muster

The Mobile Muster explainer video is created with the ingenuity to attract and teach people in regards to mobile phone recycling. This 2D line illustration showcases all that a mobile phone is created by now may it be within or the outer interactions of the flat style.

4. [email protected]

Now attaining 3D features into 2D illustrated animations is certainly not an easy aspect to gain. Making this very explainer video unique, as a matter of fact, consisted of a certain sense of essence, even as a 2D animation.

As its designers have used a set of features to interact within the video that has help to make the explainer video memorable thanks to the unique appeal it contains.

5. McDonald’s Going Tech

Now in this explainer video, a different kind of style has been applied. Since it is created in a more journalistic and editorial manner rather than promotional. The essence infused by the designers is the 70’s style illustrations that comprise of simple animations along with bright yet contrasting colors.

6. Ahrefs

The explainer video created by Ahrefs no doubt has entertaining and cute animations that move horizontally towards the rights as each element jump down onto the screen. You can find two variant features of this video the first will be without a voiceover and the other with it.

7. BaaS

In the BaaS explainer video, a futuristic take has been taken up compared to the commonly applied animated liner illustration commonly found in most explainer videos. The darkened background provides a higher and much more glowing line that better contributes to Build as a Business. In the video, the use of gradients specifically is found to be highly enticing and unique.

8. Doctoroo

This explainer video carries soft, muted colors in it. And to create higher appeal, the video consists of classically designed characters under a more classic illustrative style that is very trendy at present. Such explainer videos mostly do exceptionally well as they make the audience feel good on an overall level.

9. Purina One

There is no match to the impact that can be created via the use of an illustrated character that is specially created for a brand. Likewise, in the Purina One, explainer video, the cat and the owner are found to be appealing and friendly, while the voiceover entirely only speaks about the cat food- Purina.

This is considered a perfect example of how and what an animated explainer video collaborated with 2D illustrations should be like.

10. Catan

Not every 2D animated video can manage or present textural realistically in their explainer video, unlike done exceptionally well in Catan’s video. As their video best projects, the traditional painterly features and modern styles are perfectly infused to best grasp the younger generation’s attention.

It indeed is also amazing how interesting the key characters are as the players get inside the Catan Universe, offering an energetic description of this eminent board game.


Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Initially, before explainer videos began to get infused with colorful animation illustrations, the more common trend was entirely dependable on whiteboard animation. Though unfortunately, in comparison to illustrative explainer videos, whiteboard animation has much fewer examples available for me to present.

But then again, we love those few animated whiteboard videos and would love to add them to the list as perfect examples for you to drive inspiration from.

11. National History Museum

The National History Museum created the below-presented explainer video as a sample that you should be acquainted with. The video showcases the exhibition and story of humans spending 100years. In the video, the designer has amazingly incorporated the classic whiteboard style with a dash of mixed featured mixed in it.

12. RSA Re-Imagining Work

This whiteboard animated explainer video is highly elaborative as several predesigned features are added to the video animation company. However, what is very efficiently presented in the texture on the whiteboard since the drawing and live-action handwritings present great detailing on the board.

3D Animated Explainer Videos

Among our personal favorites is the 3D animation style compared to all the other 3D explainer videos. The core difference between 2D and 3D videos in the field and the type of movement depth provided in the videos. To better understand, continue to scroll below to better understand via the 3D explainer videos presented.

13. Visme

This animated explainer video comprises a brand character that drifts you on a trip across the digital environment filled with human interaction and enticing designs. It indeed is an amazing attempt and accomplishment that has taken place.

14. Boostation

The entire 3D animation video is filled with vibrant and fun isometric design styles. The complete mobile screen transforms into an animated city that comprises streets that are viewable from the app and devices. And the overall seamlessness presented is no doubt interested and cute both at the same time.

15. Crediflux

It has created an innovative animation that has wooden balls tumbling around on the contraption that you are required to select, converting them into digital codes. The most amazing aspect of this video is that the intro is highly realistic and great at grasping the attention of the audience.

16. Workflow

Proceeding to a different point, Workflow has gone ahead to make a 3D animated explainer video via the style Claymation. As the name may imply, this style comprises characters that are created from playdough or clay elements. In this style, the actions conducted are placed on a real-live desk incorporated with visually cute characters while projecting the brands’ story effectively.

Live-Action and Animation Hybrid Explainer Videos

Using live-action videos or elements mixed into the animation is a great way to enlarge your audience. Such explainer videos are found in various forms and sizes that can be as simple as animations comprising full-fledged fusion designs to even presentation slides.  

17. Vntana

It has a 3D explainer video that is well integrated with live-action videos. The entire video is in regards to the implication of advanced 3D designs, which as a result, displays an incredible effort for the business since the explainer video is done while giving justice to the 2D elements making it overall standout.

18. Codemeet

This explainer video sample is worth viewing due to its impeccable achievable style that embraces the business. Since the video is incorporated with slides, backgrounds, and animation features to it, indeed, it is a classic approach that plays a crucial role in attaining the viewers’ attention.

19. Morgan Crossing

Also, a great explainer video example to view which comprises of minimal animation hybrid and style live-action. In certain scenarios, animations can be very advanced though here in this design sample, simplicity is the key trait of the entire video. Even as a live-action video, the key aspects are how the animation is complemented.

20. Zendesk Guide

When initiating with the Zendesk Guide, the very beginning of the explainer video will trance, unlike any other illustration, which further seamlessly transfers towards live-action. Unsurprisingly animated features are also introduced in the video.

21. Move Guides

This is very much similar to the above video as it is combined with live-action and animated elements. Though in this video, the animations are layered over the video as a part of the video.

22. Slack

The explainer video begins with the Founder and CEO speaking about how channels in Slack can effortlessly substitute emails. The video further transits towards simple animations presenting what emails aren’t capable of, whereas those very features are in Slack.

Innovative and Unique Explainer Videos

Lastly, you can always go for unique and innovative explainer videos that for sure outshine all the other styles. Here are samples of the 3 most suitable examples of explainer videos that will best serve to advance your understanding.

23. Bhub

Indeed, the Bhub explainer video is very innovative as it is created in a collage style with several color mixes along with black and white photographs and videography. And the irony of this video is that it is about a studio that creates explainer videos.

24. Gogoro

Having a mix of 2D and 3D animation along with motion graphics into a single video is definitely not easy to attain, even though this Gogoro video presents a mix of three video styles while seamlessly sustaining the color scheme, persona, and speed.

25. How Sunscreen Work?

This explainer video is more of an educational explainer video that is filled with fun and creative features. And this is exactly why this video is highly interesting to indulge in.

Well, Are You Encouraged?

With any luck, our list of 25 explainer videos has enlightened you and would result in you also wanting to create a video for your business. These are a select few explainer videos that we have comprised since they are our favorite, though there are many others you can search for to attain inspiration.

You may have already come across many of these videos on Social Media since they are mostly shared when explainer videos are intriguing. It is also shared in some instances; even TV commercials are created like an explainer video, which proves how effective this video style is!

We hope that this article enlightens you to the point that you would want to apply explainer videos to your video marketing strategy. Go ahead and visit our service page and learn more about our outstanding packages! Or you can directly get in touch with our representatives via [email protected] and (415) 594-4300.


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