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7 months ago


6 Things to Know About Corporate Animation Video

Corporate Animation Videos are the most utilized animation in 2021, but before we begin what is a corporate animation video and how is it excelling so much in every industry?  Corporate animation videos are basically animated videos used by businesses as a marketing and storytelling tool, most of the name-driven brands benefit from their results to the fullest as these videos have a higher reach and are also more engaging than any other form of video.

Animation is a powerful tool to have a grasp of your audiences’ attention, these videos are capable to keep the viewers entertained while educating them about a certain subject. The 3D characters and illustrated processes comprised animatedly in a perfectly structured video are what bring ultimate results to the business in terms of excelling in the market amongst competitors or increasing sales.

How to Construct an Effective Animated Video?

If you are looking for a corporate animation there are certain things that you should keep in mind before starting with your animation process, in this article Animation Iconix has featured the 6 most crucial mainstays of corporate animation videos that drive exclusive results.

Table of Content

  1. Keep It Short and Precise
  2. Add a Human Touch
  3. Avoid Text Over boarding
  4. Feature Your Brand & Logo
  5. Add Entertaining Elements
  6. Keep It Relevant to Your Target Audience

Keep It Short and Precise

The most common mistake that brands make with their videos is not trimming the length of the video, the audience often gets bored while watching promotional videos therefore it is better to keep the length of the video short. Short videos automatically get more views than the rest, people prefer being informed through videos over text but sometimes it turns the other way around because of the length of the videos.

Keeping the video short doesn’t mean that you leave details of your brand or product out. To benefit from your video, make sure you have put all the important information in the video. Your audience is looking for a video that is short and precise!

Add a Human Touch

Corporate animation video is all about building trust between your brand and the potential customers perhaps you can even create a connection by integrating customer testimonies, or featuring your loyal customers in the video.

People always choose the brand that sends a significant message to them. As a consequence, showing the informative components of your product to your clients is critical to creating a highly engaging corporate video. Customers will undoubtedly choose you over your competitors once they understand how your brand can help them.

While creating an animated video you should always keep an ideal buyer persona in mind. If you have this persona in mind, you can simply increase brand recognition and educate your current clientele.

Avoid Text Over boarding

It’s counterintuitive to add too much text in an animated video. Instead of aiding your audience’s retention, it detracts from the aesthetics and attractiveness of the video material. The words you provide should complement the video’s topic and add to its visual appeal.

Feature Your Brand & Logo

Why do we produce animated videos in the first place? Isn’t it the most typical response to advertise our brand? The obvious approach to advertising your brand is to use logos and taglines effectively. Your logos should be simple and easy to recognize.

In this regard, the well-known explainer video company “Animation Iconix” advises putting the logo of your brand in every video so that your audience can quickly recall the legitimacy of your brand even if they watch a glimpse of it.

This implies that you don’t have to stick to employing your branding. Logos that are used as a corner badge, a watermark, or anyplace else that is noticeable and attracts attention are always successful.

Add Entertaining Elements

People recall approximately 20% of the things they read, 10% of what they hear, and about 80% of visual components. This is why your video animation must be a powerful extension of your brand so that when people see it, the picture of your company is imprinted in their brains.

As a consequence, while making a corporate film, using your brand’s distinctive entertainment features will provide incredible benefits.

Entertaining components include visual characteristics such as brand colors, logos, and interesting characters. It contains details such as who your target audience is, what your specialized sector is, and how you direct your messaging, whether to B2B or B2C businesses.

Keep It Relevant to Your Target Audience

Animated videos are not similar at all; some are more efficient for particular groups than others. If you’re creating an animation for kid’s items, for example, the “save-the-world” concept isn’t going to work–you’ll need something that’s suited to children but being entertaining to parents. Before you start creating your animated video, you need to find out the purpose and the audience of the video Otherwise, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.


We have covered six things you must know about producing a successful animation video in this article. The first thing to remember is that business animation videos should be short and precise. Utilize textual content sparingly in your animated video; only use it when it is required. Also, ensure that your brand gets adequate exposure throughout the animation! Remember how essential each video objective is? It is critical that the audience feels something when viewing your animated business video, whether the objective of the video is to make people laugh, weep, or be excited–whatever feeling they desire.

You should also ensure that any animation you design is appropriate for the audience. not every animation video is made for the same purpose, make sure you know who you’re making the animation for before you begin.

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