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With many years of experience, the team at Animation Iconix is fully aware of how to create visually captivating video animations that our clients fall in love with. In the spirit of collaboration and transparency, we want to share our process with you, so that you’re also aware of what we get up to when we work on your project. Through this streamlined process, you’ll be able to learn how our talented team ensures that quality is injected in every step of making your animation. Here’s our magic process – now watch us go to work!

  • 01
    Creative Brief

    The key information, such as target audience, goals, client objectives, etc., helps initiate the animation process with the comprehensive project brief.

  • 02
    Script Writing

    After having an initial discussion with you, we get to work on your script. We discuss, deliberate, and think hard about how we can best distribute your brand message.

  • 03

    During the storyboard process, our expert animators and graphic designers will join heads and come up with a storyboard. This storyboard will form the basis of your final video, and it’s here that you’ll really be able to see all your ideas come to life.

  • 04

    The team at Animation Iconix only works with the most talented, accomplished voiceover artists. At this stage, we select a suitable voice actor for your video and give your animation a more bombastic audio element by adding music and sound. The magic’s coming to life now.

  • 05
    Animation Production & SFX

    Our process doesn’t quite end there. There’s still the post-production phase, where we seriously edit and review your animation to make sure that it’s perfected, and ready to go. Next step? That’s where you come in, show your video to your audiences and ‘wow’ them.

  • 06
    Finalized & Delivered

    Considering the client’s feedback on each project, our animators revitalize rigorous editing and animated videos review in post-production, making tweaks accordingly. The finalized video is then exported to the client in the required format.

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